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Amsterdam for Easter

(Multi Share,Start London, End London)

Amsterdam for Easter

(Multi Share,Start London, End London)
London to London
4 days
From $560
Tour code: CH1951436


  • Entry to the world famous Keukenhof Tulip Gardens
  • See canals and a windmill on a countryside bike tour in Edam
  • Visit a Clog Maker and Cheese Farm in the pretty Dutch district of Edam

Spring time in Amsterdam is already a banquet of dreams, with endless rows of tulips leading to traditional windmills, locals riding bicycles along pretty canals, and the city abuzz with the approach of Summer. Top all this off with traditional paasstol treats, a cheese village, Belgium chocolate eggs and a festive picnic and you have yourself a very splendid Easter in Amsterdam.

What's included?


A highly trained Trip Manager who brings your adventure to life. An expert driver who knows foreign roads better than Google Maps. Local Guides who make tourist traps a thing of the past. This is your team. Smart, friendly, fun, and integral to everything we do.


Looking past the 8-kilograms of Belgian chocolate you're likely to inhale, we'll fuel you up on continental breakfasts and a special 3-course dinner on our first night.


Time to treat yo self! That's what Easter's all about. Our rabbit hole will be none other than a swanky hostel right amongst the Amsterdam action. You will be in quad-share with your new pals, save spending this special occasion all on your lonesome.
Room type: quad share


Day 1
London to Amsterdam
Gather round and start spreading the Easter cheer - we're going to Amsterdam! Start getting acquainted with your new posse and grabbing any last chocolate treats for the road before we head off.Shortly before we find our ferry for France, we'll be taking in the English coastline beauty of the White Cliffs of Dover. They owe their gorgeousness to their composition of chalk - you're in awe and we haven't even left the UK!Off the ferry we arrive in the port town of Calais - French soil! We travel north via Belgium before reaching ... Amsterdam!Cross off another country off your list as you cruise through Belgium on your way to Amsterdam.Get straight down to business with dinner in the always buzzing streets of Amsterdam. Fun fact: the city has 1539 bridges, 165 canals, and 2500 house boats. Yes, you read that right, and it's all here for you to explore. First up, start the trip right with unlimited drinks as we cruise through through the canals to see the city under a flood of twinkling lights as you raise a toast to the trip.

Stay: VIA Amsterdam Hostel (or similar)

Meals: Dinner

Day 2
Today is all about the cute vibes - get that camera on 110% charged. The world famous Keukenhof tulip gardens will wow us with their rows of dazzling colour - dotted in thousands of rows (around 7 million bulbs if the truth be told) this national flower garden is not to miss and is sure to be one of the highlights of the trip. Back to the city, you can explore the canals, or maybe visit the Heineken museum for a tasty local drop or some people watching. Add cream to your cake of a day by indulging in a Volendam dinner at an old-style Dutch restaurant by the sea in a fishing & cheese village that will charm us to no end.

Stay: VIA Amsterdam Hostel (or similar)

Meals: Breakfast

Day 3
Happy Easter global raomers! Today we're indulging in a different kind of dairy delight by taking a bike ride through Dutch countryside to a cheese farm producing famous Dutch Edam. Talk about a picture perfect scene. Working windmills and the chance to see how clogs are made will also sparkle on our agenda. Back in the city you can roam the streets in holiday spirits, and perhaps dabble in the chocolate kind of dairy delights if the cheese didn't quite complete you. Today you could explore the endless museums of the city like the Rijks, make a sobering stop at Anne Frank Museum, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of goodness to be found. For those that like the laid-back approach, do some shopping, or just kick back amongst their famed cafe culture.

Stay: VIA Amsterdam Hostel (or similar)

Meals: Breakfast

Day 4
Amsterdam to London
It's time to hop over Belgian & French terrain and circle back to London. If the Easter Bunny is half as good to us next year, we are very spoilt indeed.Back in London, it's time to say our goodbyes and sing any final praise to the damn fine Dutch Easter that just took place.

Meals: Breakfast

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